Original Himalayan Salt Lamps

Handcrafted Natural Shape Lamps And Candle Holders

Each Rock Salt Lamp is carefully handcrafted and is unique in design and colour.
Salt Crystal Lamps are made from salt crystal rock formed by nature over hundreds of millions of years ago, and mined from the Himalayan rock salt mines.

There are different grades or qualities of Salt Rock Crystals from around the world. Prices vary depending on the origin and reputation of the mines. At Nature’s Artifacts you are assured that all lamps are sourced from the Original 250 million year old HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT MINE which is also known for the health benefits and ionizing qualities, as well as clarity, colour and design of their Salt Rock Crystals.

The natural beauty of our Rock Salt Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders has been capturing the attention from eager buyers from the day we first put them on the shelves. Unlike other crystal candle holders the flame shines through the side of the rock which diffuses the light of the flame into a soft orange or pink hue. Each Candle Holder is uniquely handcrafted to maximize its natural shape and colours. The mood formed by the soft warm hue creates an incredible ambience for love. Hotels, restaurants and even nightclubs are using these tea-light Candle Holders knowing that the resultant feeling of intimacy is good for creating the right environment and therefore good for business.

Being a totally natural and handcrafted product, the size, shape and colour will vary. The quality of our rock is second best to none. Having experience and knowledge about the “quality” of Rock Salt Lamps, we know where to mine, from the various openings on 400 km long salt stream, to achieve the mineral content and colour which is the best you will find anywhere else in the world.


In comparison to other look-alike products, Nature’s Artifacts Candle Holders are packed in printed boxes with a care label and a special cork sheet to prevent scratches on the surface it is placed on. These features make the Natural Candle Holder Nature’s Artifacts best-seller.