Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we can hardly imagine living without many electrical devices such as computers, televisions, air conditioners and heaters. These devices make it easier for us to work in the office and at home to provide entertainment. However, we often do not realize that these technologies are also a source of very harmful positive ions also known as the “electric smog”.

Crystalline Rock Salt is a natural ionizer. Rock Salt Crystal Lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions. Negative ions can be found in abundance, on mountains, waterfalls and by the sea. These ions give the air its invigorating freshness, which is good for us.

Himalayan Crystal Salt has been reported in the book, Water and Salt, written by Barbara Hendel M.D. and biophysicist Peter Ferreira, as having the same 84 elements that make up our bodies. Life on earth is not possible without salt. Most salt consumed today only consists of two elements, Sodium and Chloride. This is because the salt chemical cleaning process has stripped most of the original healthy elements away. Himalayan Salt Crystals are not tainted by any such methods and will always be the way the earth made them, natural.

How does your Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp Actually Emit Negative Ions?
The emission of ions is caused by the alternating actions of the crystal rock salt’s ability to absorb water, and then evaporate into the air. A heated salt crystal lamp will attract water molecules from the air, forming a NaCl and H20 solution. Sodium is a positive ion, and Chloride, a negative ion. Hydrogen has a two-part negative charge and Oxygen is a positively charged ion. These ions create a reaction of two positive ions and three negative ions. After canceling each other out, one lone negative ion is produced. This negative ion seeks out the first positive ion like a dust, or bacteria particle and zaps it. This is the process of positive ion reduction and is how our Himalayan Salt Lamps work. The best thing about a negative ion however, is the way it attracts dust and pollution. A recent study by the government in the USA has shown that dirt, dust and pollution in your own home or office, especially in large cities, can be worse than outside on the street. Dirt and dust is positively charged and is therefore attracted to the negatively charged lamps and ions that it emits. You will notice after a period of time that dark lines of dirt will begin to appear on you lamp. They are easily cleaned off with a damp cloth but it is evidence that your lamp is working, keeping down the pollutants in its intimate environment. Fewer pollutants are obviously good for anyone who has asthma or allergies.

Placement of the Lamp
Rock Salt Lamps may be used to enhance the beauty of a place by creating a cozy soothing environment.

At the Office and Computer Users
A lamp at work can improve your concentration and refresh you by releasing negative ions. Place a salt crystal lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue and electromagnetic pollution created by office equipments.


At Home
A Salt Crystal lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally and beautifully. In smoky areas these lamps will clear away the lingering smells.

Feng Shui
A few Salt Crystal Lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance chi. A lamp in the relationships corner will be greatly beneficial.

Use them for Yoga and meditation: When you repose in peace and quiet, a Salt Crystal Lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Allergy Sufferers
A Salt Crystal Lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally and beautifully. In smoky areas, these lamps will clear away the lingering smells.

Crystalline rock salt is a natural ionizer. Rock Salt Crystals and lamps effectively improve the quality of air by producing negative ions – the vitamins of the air. Negative ions can be found in billions, on mountains, waterfalls and by the sea. They give the air its invigorating freshness, which is so good for us.

In Europe, bioenergo therapists and homoeopathics recommend Salt Crystal Lamps to assist in the treatment of many health conditions. Non-illuminated crystals (cool) work as mini ionizers, however the Salt Crystal Lamps that are illuminated from inside (warm) emit a higher number of ions.

Today, the ionizers on the market are man made machines, the Crystal Salt Lamps, on the other hand, are Mother Nature’s beautiful alternative.

Salt for life
Rock Salt Lamps help us get maximum benefits of Negative Ions and are good for cleaning the air for:

  • Hay Fever
  • Asthma
  • Tension and Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dust Mite Allergies
  • Animal Danger Allergies
  • Smoke Elimination
  • Mould Spores
  • Air Purifying and Freshening

The Healing Effect of Colours on our Body and Mind

Orange, Yellow – Encourages intellectual comprehension and activates the pancreas, liver and gall bladder.

Red – Strengthens the vital life force and activates the heart and circulation.

Pink – Supports the sense of partnership and love and opens your emotional body.

White – Has a cleansing and detoxifying effect and represents the healing aspect.

Brown – Helps to find one’s own balance and supports earthiness.
These statements have not been evaluated by FDA or Heath Canada. Product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If under medical supervision or pregnant, it is recommended to consult your physician before use.