New Electrical base for salt lamps:

  • 3ft Electric Power Cord with Bulb for Table Lamp with Dimmer switch
  • Lamp holder has a plastic clips (safer than the old style having a cumbersome “butterfly clip”. Now it’s easier to insert and remove).
  • It also comes with a finishing “plastic plate” that fits and perfectly covers the entire lamp.
  • It comes with a 15 Watt for the small to large lamps.
  • UL 2-pin cord with 303 switch and E12 lamp holder SPT2 18AWG*2C/1.83M/black

When you see the CSA mark, do what millions of others do every day, proceed with confidence! Here’s why:

The “C” and “US” indicators adjacent to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Mark signify that the product has been evaluated to the applicable CSA and ANSI/UL Standards, for use in Canada and the U.S. respectively.

This “US” indicator includes products eligible to bear the “NRTL” indicator. NRTL, i.e. National Recognized Testing Laboratory. It is a designation granted by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to laboratories which have been recognized to perform certification to U.S. Standards.

Care for Lamp

  • Salt Crystal Lamps should not be used in rooms with excessive humidity. If exposed to dampness, the lamp should be left lit for several hours to emit the surface humidity, and then any powdery material should be removed with a dry cloth.
  • The dust should be regularly wiped off the lamp using a slightly damp cloth.
  • The lamp should always be unplugged before changing the light bulb to prevent electric shocks.
  • As salt tends to attract moisture, these lamps should not be washed or used in humid situations or outdoors. If they do show signs of dampness turning on the lamp or lighting the candle will dry them out. Before using the lamp, it must be ensured that all electrical parts are dry.
  • Salt lamps can be cleaned by dusting with a soft brush. The bulb may be changed by withdrawing the light fitting from the base. Tealight candles can be replaced from the top of the salt crystal candle holders.