Nature’s Artifacts is associated with the single largest manufacturing facility in the Himalayas. Our production capabilities are second to none and we produce rock salt products in quantities of 20 foot cargo containers of up to 100 in a year. Our factory in Pakistan is located in an industrial area that not only provides competent workers but also sustains further growth. With each individual possessing a distinctive skill, and division of labour put into effect, the final product ends up being a specialized one indeed. All safety and security measures are taken in order to have a better working environment. Our objective is not only to consider our consumer’s welfare but also to benefit our employees and every individual involved in this activity. This factory was not set up on corporate grounds but to provide a platform that would be able to help its initiators bring in new ideas.


Nature’s Artifacts is the single largest Rock Salt supplier in North America with offices in USA and CANADA. We are the only company that can provide Salt Lamps assembled according to the local safety regulations. Our Salt Lamps comply with the CSA/UL-APPROVED listed Cord sets, which are all recyclable with ready to retail boxes.

Being a totally natural and handcrafted product, the size, shape and colour varies. The quality of our rock is second best to none. Having experience and knowledge about the “quality” of Rock Salt Lamps, we know where to mine from in the various openings on 400 km long salt stream, to achieve the mineral content and colour, which is the best you will find anywhere else in the world.

There is no need to come up with huge capital to buy large container loads from overseas. You can now buy skid loads or quarter or half container loads from our warehouses in Canada at almost the same price as would be paid on direct Import. No more language, product and payment hassles of dealing with overseas suppliers. Please write to us for more details if this offer is of interest.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Excellent Quality Himalayan Crystal Salt Products
  • Each Salt Product is truly unique
  • High Quality Light Unit & 15 watt bulb
  • Low Shipping Rates & Fast Shipping
  • Best Quality Natural Products and Best prices.

Unlike others who only claim, we can, and will, deliver quantities with quality to meet any level of demand. Our factory meets all safety standards and we do not employ any person less then 16 years of age and we provide accommodation to labour. Our main assets are the highly skilled workers that deliver the fine workmanship in the various shapes of these unique Rock Salt products. There are different grades or qualities of Salt Rock Crystals from around the world. Prices vary depending on the origin and reputation of the mines. At Nature’s Artifacts you are assured that all lamps are sourced from the original 250 million year HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT MINE which is also known for the health benefits and ionizing qualities, as well as clarity, colour and design of their Salt Rock Crystals.

” Nature’s Artifacts Salt Crystal Lamps are packed in ready to retail printed boxes with CSA/UL tested & approved cord set, bulb and care label.”