Brazil is the largest country in the South American region and contains extremely rich mineral reserves. We have been working with our Brazilian artists for almost two decades and have explored both the North and South regions of the country. About 40% of our product catalogue originates from Brazil and we work very closely with nine different partners. Our imports include a variety of gemstones and minerals including Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine and offer a diverse range of products made out of these imports; lamps, candleholders, wind chimes, pendulums, bookends, jewelry and much more.

Our partners in Brazil help us continuously source new and innovative products that allows us to meet the growing market demands. Brazil and its people are very special for us; we consider Brazil not just as a sourcing country but as a place that we have become fond of and have a loving relationship with. We try our best to give back to the underprivileged people of Brazil by assisting them in various ways to ensure their sustainability.


The Republic of India, also known as Bharat to her people, is a strong nation with ancient cultures which encompass colourful traditions. A country known for its culture and blooming economy, India is where we have been going for over fifteen years to source only the best hand-crafted Pendulums, Jewelry, Incense, Essential Oils, Bells, and Recyclable Bags. The most popular items are made of beautiful Moonstone and Rainbow moonstones. All our products from India follow the Fair-Trade Agreement and with the help of a great artisan group in the region (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi), we have developed a line of Chakra products and Oils.


The Kingdom of Morocco, with its predominant Islamic and Arabic influence, adds diversity to our collection. It is home to the popular Selenite. This beautiful white stone comes from the mountains of Morocco. The Selenite mines are located in the middle atlas region of “Bertat” nearly 50 km from Midelt. Its inhabitants are mostly agricultural Berbers who accidentally discovered samples of Selenite while digging and sowing seeds. Midelt is very well known for harvesting Selenite and producing its products.

We have been purchasing large quantities of Selenite from Morocco since the last 10 years and have developed a relation of trust and faith with our partners there. We transform Selenite into a wide range of products; lamps, candle holders, charging plates, bowls, angels and many more. Selenite series has been a great addition to our product range; its lamps and tools are very popular amongst our customers for decoration and healing purposes.

We work hand-in-hand with our artists in Morocco for our mutual growth and success.


The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in the mountainous Himalayan region. We have been working with our Nepalese partners right from the inception of our company. Our renowned products, Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls and Sound items originate from Nepal. Due to lack of robust transportation infrastructure coming out of Nepal, we face challenges in the initial days. This was worsened by the political and economic condition of the country. However, with time we have managed overcome all hurdles and have developed a strong bond with our partners. The Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls are now one of the top ten best-selling items of Natures Artifacts and come in seven chakra colors. We also import Praying and Inspirational Flags, Satin Ring Cushions and few other distinctive items from Nepal.


Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps started as our Flagship Products when Nature’s Artifacts was established. We source Himalayan Crystals directly from the Khewra Mines in North Pakisan. The Salt extracted is high in purity (nearly 98 per cent pure). These mines dates back to around 600 million years ago when large water bodies present in the region evaporated leaving behind massive deposits of rich minerals. These mines are reported to have salt deposits in excess of 220 million tons that are layered in pristine white, pink and even translucent crystals at different levels of the seven-tier mine. Salt Rocks or Halite, as the Geologists calls it, is actually a mineral version of Sodium Chloride or Table Salt. The Salt Lamps act as an Ion Cleanser, which purifies the air as salt draws out the moisture, allergens, dust, smoke and even bacteria, making the air around a lot cleaner.

Our factory in Pakistan was established in 1997 and in 2004 it was single largest supplier of Himalayan Crystal Salt Products in the region. We have supplied Himalayan Salt products to many prestigious organizations in the West; Bed Bath and Beyond and IKEA in Europe. Home Sense and Good Homes in USA, Canadian Tire in Canada and many more importers all over the world. We still manage to supply LCL and Full Container Load on factory process to any importers around the globe.

Our Factory in Pakistan is operated on Fair Trade Principles and we support various charitable causes as our gesture to support the underprivileged community in that region.


Bali is considered the Mecca of wooden items and handicrafts. Our partner Bali is a primarily women run organization employing women in across all roles from management to administrative to support roles. Our love affair with Bali spans over many years and our imports include Wooden Buddhas, that the professional carvers carve meticulously with fine details, Bamboo based Musical instruments like flute and drum, Coconut top Wind Chimes, Dream Catchers and Inspirational Banners.

We cherish every interaction with the artisans there who carry amazing talent as well as bundles of positive energy that we absorb during every interaction


We maintain a very healthy relationship with our supplier in Peru and import Angelite, Pyrite and Palo Santo wood from there. As part of our philosophy to protect earth and minimize any adverse impact, we ensure that the that the santo wood is sourced responsibly and is obtained from branches of trees that fall off naturally without harming the trees. Palo santo wood has been used since centuries to cleanse negative energies and smudging, thus bringing peace and serenity to a space.

Angelite is a glacier blue or lilac blue colored stone and was first discovered in Peru. It comes in a variety of shapes ranging from spheres, heart to tumble stones and is also known to promote spiritual communication.

Pyrite is a brass-yellow mineral with a bright metallic luster. It resembles goldstone and comes in shapes of heart, spheres and wands. It is a powerful protective stone that provides a shield from all negative energies