Brazil is the largest country in the South American region. The natural Archipelagean region provides the perfect combination of nature’s effect with man’s influence. We are currently importing two dozen different kinds of gemstones and minerals from this region. About 40% of our product mix is from Brazil and we work very closely with nine different factories. See many of our lamps, candleholders, wind chimes, pendulums, bookends, jewelry, gemstones and more.


The Republic of India, known as Bharat to her people, is a strong nation with cultures ranging from the ancient to the colourful. A country known for it’s culture and growing economy, India is where we go to source only the best hand-crafted Pendulums, Jewelry, Incense, Essential Oils, Bells, and Recyclable Bags. All of our products from India follow the Fair Trade Agreement and with the help of a great artisan group in the region, we have developed a line of Chakra products and Oils.


Due to the country’s predominantly Islamic and Arabic influence, the Kingdom of Morocco provides a little more diversity to our collection this year. We have added many new fossils and minerals straight from the source — Morocco. Not to mention that the Selenite Series has always been a great addition to our product mix. Both the Selenite Lamps and Healing Tools are very popular among our customers.


The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in the mountainous Himalayas and is where our renowned Singing Bowls and Meditation by Sound items originate from. See SPIRITUAL HEALING section.


The Salt that is extracted from the Khewra mines is high in purity (nearly 98 per cent pure). This process dates back around 600 million years ago when large water bodies such as oceans and glaciers evaporated. The mines are reported to have salt deposits in excess of 220 million tons that are layered in pristine white, pink and even translucent crystals at different levels of the seven-tier mine. Salt Rocks or Halite, as the Geologists calls it, is actually a mineral version of Sodium Chloride or Table Salt. Salt Lamps acts as an Ion Cleanser, which to purifies the air as salt draws out the moisture, allergens, dust, smoke and even bacteria, making the air around your home a lot cleaner.


The Selenite’s Mines are located in the Middle atlas in “Bertat” nearly 50 km from Midelt. It’s inhabitants are mostly agriculture Berbers they got to know about the Selenite’s when digging/sowing seeds then samples of Selenite’s were found and they started digging deeper to find it in large quantities. The Midelt is very popular for producing Selenite in White, Orange and Zebra. At first Berbers did not have any idea what to do with the Selenite, it was not until westerners came and taught them how to make wonderful things for decorating and spiritual purposes.


The Buddha and its teachings have been around for centuries. It’s been said that through meditation Siddhartha Gautama became the Buddha. Buddha means “enlightened one”. Our professional carvers from Bali take the time to properly carve “the Buddha” in many designs. Balinese people are very blessed with such amazing talents in arts (dancing, painting, carving etc.) Most of the workers are from the same community and therefore they spend a lot of time trying to make the Buddha perfect.


Marble & Onyx is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Geologists use the term “marble” to refer to metamorphosed limestone; however, stonemasons use the term more broadly to encompass metamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.


Known for its diversity in plant and wildlife, Madagascar is one of the world’s most biodiverse hotspots and the sources of many of our new items this year. See Petrified Wood in the NEW PRODUCTS section.