In 2016, Nature’s Artifacts had launched a retail knowledge base source for our retailers in North America with the aim to provide tools, tips and valuable insight to achieve a successful retail venue. We strongly believe that our retailers’ success is our success. Some of the programs that we offered were:

Product Knowledge Videos & Newsletters

Visual Merchandising

Production Promotions

Success Retailer Stories & Experiences

Stacey MacDonald, a certified Master Healer and Intuitive Life Coach and author of Angels & Energy, conducted amazing educational programs in a joint collaboration with Nature’s Artifacts. Stay tuned for more vnew and exciting programs!

Stacey MacDonald | Master Energy Healer and Author of Angels and Energy

“I have a true passion for connecting people with their own healing energy, their intuition and their Angels.

As the creator of Angel Light founded in 2004, my business has grown to include an extensive local and international client base for private sessions, trainings and speaking events. My focus is to enable people to move forward powerfully and confidently in their personal and professional life.

Having been connected with Nature’s Artifacts Inc for many years, I look forward to partnering with them in creating a wonderful opportunity to highlight many of the products and spiritual practices which can greatly enhance one’s ability to connect more powerfully with their own spirituality and to ensure that more people and retail outlets are aware of what products are available in order to assist these processes.”