Body & Bath


Luxurious baths are highly recommended as they are the best exercise for blood vessels and heart. You can select from our natural range of bath products to take the full advantage for healthy bodies.

Gift & Home


Explore out home and gift range for that special occasion or for just enhancing your surroundings. You can decorate or gift from our environmental friendly and natural items.

Rock & Minerals


We have an astonishing range of items in rock and minerals brought to you from all around the world for spiritual and decorative purposes.

Fair Trade Specialties


Do visit our special items made by very talented craftsmen from different part of the world, their uniqueness adds tremendous value to our product line. These are limited, one of a kind items.

Decorative Lamps


Select from our wide range which adds beauty and health benefit to the house. Our unique decorative lamps are must to have for any household.



Gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal, in cut and polished form; also known as gem, fine gem, jewel, precious or semi precious stone. check our breathtaking range of semi-precious stone jewelry to enhance your style.

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