Himalayan Salt Crystals


Nature’s Artifacts is a leading manufacturer & wholesaler of Ancient Himalayan Salt Crystal products. We offer a wide range of natural & fine crafted lamps, cooking plates, edible & bath salts, massagers & healing stones all made of pure Himalayan Salt Crystal. We supply wholesale & container load of Himalayan Salt Crystal products direct from our factory. CSA/UL tested and approved Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps.

Mind, Body & Soul


Nature’s Artifacts’ Mind, Body and Soul Collection consist of metaphysical articles such as guardian angels, pendulums, smudging & Chakra products. Add to your retail line a wide variety of essential oils and luxurious bath salts. Massage wands, rollers and stones are available in an assortment of designs and gem stones.

Gem Stones & Fossils


We bring you an amazing range of gem stone and fossil artifacts. These artifacts are brought to you from all around the world for spiritual healing and decorative purposes. These exquisite and timeless rock crystals and gems become highly profitable with our ready to retail gift packs. Fossil excavation kits and carved stone inspirations are packaged for remarkable retailing.

Gift & Home


We offer a wide collection of everlasting Gem Stone Bookends, Onyx Kitchenware, Himalayan Salt Cookware, Wine Glasses and Gemstone Décor on wood bases. Each piece is one of kind and handpicked by our purchasers. Make your gift line retailing unique with our hand crafted chess boards, Inukshuk and gem stone keychains.

Lamps & Candle Holders


An extensive range of Gem stone lamps, candle holders and décor items from Brazil is offered at Nature’s Artifacts. Our unique decorative lamps are essential to have for all sorts of retail stores or outlets. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps and candle holders are top sellers for their uniqueness and air purifying qualities. All our lamps are packed in printed boxes and are CSA/UL tested and approved.



Check out our awe-inspiring range of semi-precious stone jewelry and enhance your store collection. We offer a splendid range of elegant fashion jewelry designed in the United Kingdom. Power Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings are available in an assortment of stones. Chakra jewelry is popular with spiritual healers.



Extremely talented craftsmen from Bali design special items for Nature’s Artifacts. Their uniqueness adds tremendous value to our product line. Our product range in this category consists of wooden Buddha’s, inspiration banners & healing by sound Tibetan singing bowls. Fair trade incenses and Bali Spice Soaps attract customers with their extraordinary aromas.

Specimens & Minerals


At Nature’s Artifacts you will find various minerals to retail to your customers. We travel the world to collect Unique Specimens & Minerals. Most of the minerals are bought in Brazil, Tucson and Africa. Each unique specimen is sold by the pound. Contact us for more details and to reserve your unique piece today.

Retail Displays


An exclusive line of ready to retail gifts from Nature’s Artifacts. Every retail display shows detail on the product in the box. Nature’s Artifacts Ready to Retail Displays include Basket Line Displays, Engraved Stone Displays, Gem Stone Retail Displays, Heart Stone Displays, Tumbled Stone Displays and Gemstone Flats Display.

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