Ethically Sourced Crystals

At Nature’s Artifact, our business is based on the philosophy to respect and care for the earth and its inhabitants, and practice conscious consumerism through environmental sustainability, fair trade and ethical business practices.

Ethically sourced crystals mean everything to us. Our team travels around the world to ensure that no children are being employed, the workers are well compensated and the crystals are hand-picked with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We place great importance on quality relationships with trusted suppliers who are passionate about nature and sustainability and exercise high ethical and moral standards. We believe that the process to store, handle and ship crystals has an effect on their energy and vibrations, therefore we are mindful and treat them with highest respect and love.

Our hand-picked selection, makes it easy for you to market these beautiful stones, minerals, rocks and crystals that will surely be treasured and loved by your customers.

We are an ardent supporter of environment protection so we do our best to re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose as much as we can. We use recycled paper and bio-degradable packaging materials when posting our crystals. We aspire to leave a beautiful, healthy planet for our children and all future generations!

Our vision is not just to be the largest crystal supplier in Canada and North America but to rather be the best and to do the best for everyone!