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Nature’s Artifacts was founded in 2004 with the vision of Wholesaling Healing Crystals/Gem stones & gifts & home decor from natural resources of Mother Nature Ethically. Since then Nature’s Artifacts has become a leading supplier of salt crystal products, Healing Crystals & Gems stones from Brazil, Hand Crafted Artifacts from Bali, India and China. We take pride in our sourcing and importing direct from factories and artisans overseas who work exclusively for us. Nature’s Artifacts head office is in Toronto, Canada and we distribute from our Buffalo warehouse to all our US customers. We specialise in supplying our product line in LCL and FCL directly form overseas or domestically in United States.

Our R&D team brings hundreds of new products annually with a sole purpose to combine nature with science to offer innovative gift items. We believe in supplying quality product on time. Nature’s Artifacts strong relationship with direct factories overseas allows us to supply products in custom packing and we can develop labels and brands for our customers.

We adopted the principles of fair trade and developed an audit process for all our Vendors & Artisans where essential criteria’s such as minimum wage, zero tolerance on child labour and environmental responsibilities are met. Our team travels globally throughout the year,ensuring our customers receive only ethically sourced crystals at the most competitive prices. Our promise stands on the foundation for the highest quality products while maintaining customer satisfaction.

In 2015 Nature’s Artifacts was voted as the 2nd best supplier of the year by Canadian gift and tableware association.
We bring the natural world to you.

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Himalayan Salt is a major constituent in many of our natural products and as the largest rock salt supplier in the whole of North America, our factory in Pakistan provides unique, high quality, handmade merchandise sourced from the salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

The increasing popularity of Himalayan Crystal Salt is owed to its natural ionizing properties – its negative ions counterbalance positive ions in the atmosphere, thereby cleansing the air of impurities. Himalayan Crystal Salt is the highest grade of natural salt available and is toxic and pollutant-free; it is also mineral-rich, containing 84 minerals and trace elements required by the human body. Its numerous health benefits include supporting respiratory, muscular, bone and vascular health, regulating water content and blood pressure, as well as promoting blood sugar health.

Himalayan Salt can also be used as a mineral water when dissolved in water in the form of a hot bath soak and detox, in order to help maintain the body’s natural balance.

With these overall health and well-being benefits more widely-known, Nature’s Artifacts incorporates this into its overall global mission and deliver a diverse range of products suited for all purposes and uses – healthy living and wellness, bathing, healing, massage therapy and culinary, to name but a few.

Nature’s Artifacts broad line of products include our flagship Himalayan Salt Inhaler TM – proving to be a best-seller, our ever-popular Salt Crystal Lamps & Candle Holders, Bath & Spa preparations, Healing & Massage products, Detoxes & Diffusers, as well as a specialist line of kitchenware – Himalayan Salt Cookware.