Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Nature Artifact's culture.

We do not deem it as an expense or charity, rather believe it to be an investment that plays a pivotal role in developing long-term relationships with stakeholders and communities for mutual benefit.

As a responsible corporate entity, Nature’s Artifacts does not only invest in its employees, makes efforts for Customer Satisfaction and operates ethically, but also provide financial support to different projects of benefit in areas of Education, Health, Community Development, Special Children and Orphanages etc. Our approach varies; that is, we contribute directly as well as through NGOs of repute.

Every year we contribute 2.5 percent of profit before tax for charitable causes.

Education is a fundamental right of every child as they are the torch bearers for the future. Adhering to this philosophy of ours, we donate to Deaf Reach School Program, an initiative of the Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) that provides free education for deaf students, in particular, to those in the rural areas.

We also donate to the Kaghan Memorial Trust, periodically. This trust was established after the devastating October 2005 earthquake that destroyed large swaths of Northern Pakistan, including most of the Kaghan Valley, with the aim to provide quality education to severely disadvantaged children from this remote and under developed area.

Along with the donations we make towards charity work, we believe to provide opportunities to create a living for those involved with us. We hold deep regard for all our artisans around the world and make efforts to support them financially or otherwise, at a regular basis, to ensure them a sustainable livelihood along with access to basic necessities of life including education, health etc.